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Early Childhood Teacher Presentation with Dr. Mason Sommers

Dr. Mason Sommers

Subject: Offering for Teachers Preparing to Re-enter Classrooms!

Open only to Directors, Assistant Directors, and ECE educators

BJE will be hosting for the ECE Directors a webinar offering for teachers preparing to re-enter classrooms only for our group. As we continue to make preparations to reopen schools and invite teachers back to their classrooms, we know that this is going to be a time of much anxiety for everyone. Dr. Mason Sommers, licensed clinical psychologist, will be giving a presentation geared specifically to our early childhood education teachers to help them manage this transition. We hope you will invite all of your teachers to join us on

Wednesday, May 27th 2:00-3:00pm

Via Zoom (call information to be provided)

Given the current state of the global pandemic known as Covid-19, we have had to grapple with anxiety, fear and uncertainty.  Though there is no foreseeable treatment nor vaccine on the immediate horizon, state and local governments are beginning to slowly “re-open” for business.  As educators, you have been challenged to adapt to alternative platforms for educating your students.  However, a return to the classroom will undoubtedly give rise to new concerns for your own safety and health, as well as the need to protect those you love at home while attending to your students while managing their and your own anxiety.  Questions of health and safety protocols and policies will arise.  In addition, you will be charged with managing your own internal regulation, as well as the experience of your students.  How will you remain authentic as the trained professional educators you are, while addressing your own need for safety?  Our time together will focus on preparing you to re-enter the classroom and how to manage and adapt to this new “normal”.

For further information please contact Carly Rosenstein.

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