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by Phil Liff-Grieff

Before we jump in, I would like to tell you a little story…

This story actually starts around 1439 CE. Around that year, Gutenberg invented the first European printing press, making it possible, for the first time in Europe, to mass produce printed materials.   Suddenly, it was possible to produce thousands of pages in a day, resulting in the availability of thousands of copies of printed works for distribution broadly and cheaply.  Previously, knowledge was found in books laboriously produced by scribes and kept in the hands of clerics and... more

Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

“Congratulations on…(an) amazing experience . It was one of the best (conferences) I have ever attended,” writes Rabbi Moshe Dear of Yavneh Hebrew Academy.

Heads of School in sessionOn February 18, 2015, 70 Educational Administrators from Jewish Day Schools in Los Angeles attended BJE’s 4th Annual Day School and Yeshiva Retreat.  This year’s theme focused on Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement and Adaptability.  Heads of School, Principals, Development and Marketing Staff from 25 schools participated in a series of workshops and seminars at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel.  Dr. John D’Auria, a respected national expert on school improvement, keynoted the opening program which was followed by a series of workshops on Managing Conflict, Increasing Academic Excellence and Donor Cultivation led by Dr. D’Auria, Dr. Susan Abelein and Janet Levine. 

The Power of Apathy: BJE Impact

"I will make it happen!" vs. "What difference will it make?"

Teen Service CorpBJE Impact has been gifted a PSA created through a collaboration of teens and Holocaust survivors as part of the Righteous Conversations Project that speaks to the Power of Apathy, and, conversely, the power of ACTION. We hope you will watch it and feel inspired to say to yourself, "I WILL make it happen!" instead of "What difference will it make?"

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BJE at Work

Teen Service Corps at work!

BJE Teen Service Corps

Campers attending BJE Teen Service Corps engage in hands-on community service while socializing with other Jewish teens.  Campers earn 12 hours of community service credit (CITs earn 15 hours) while putting Jewish values into action.  Register HERE!


Early Childhood science experiment

BJE Bebe Feuerstein Simon Early Childhood Institute: Full J-STEAM Ahead:

Science, Technology, Egineering, Art and Math Through a Jewish Lens explores the intersection of art, Judaism and the exploration of the world around us in the early childhood classroom. 

Epic Israel teens at airport

EPIC Israel - June 16 - July 9, 2015

Epic Israel 2015 is a 3 ½ week Israel experience for current 10th & 11th graders in the Los Angeles area.  This program has a focus in community service and social action, allowing participants to engage in hands-on service in Israel, while meeting with influential Israelis who are working for change in the Jewish State.  

HS Affordability Model

High School Affordability - A Case Study

In September, 2008, with generous funding from the Jim Joseph Foundation, BJE: Builders of Jewish Education (BJE) in Los Angeles and five local Jewish high schools, prepared to embark on a remarkable and challenging journey.  Our goal, collectively, was to build $21.25 million in high school endowment funds over six years. (more)

Parent and child at beach

PARENT AND ME Voucher Program

The Parent and Me Voucher Program is for first time participants in a Jewish Parent and Me Program. Click here to see if you qualify and get up to 70% off your first class at participating synagogues.

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Job Opportunities

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